Monday, March 23, 2009

Pet-Proof Your Plants

I recently subscribed to my soon-to-be favorite magazine, Domino, and to my sad dismay Domino is ending their magazine for good. I was shocked to believe that such a great 'how to' and DIY {do it yourself} type of magazine is closing it's doors, but I guess it's desperate times these days... March 2009 will be their last issue.
Anyhow, I read an article from Domino Magazine about ways to keep you pets away from you prized garden of flowers or plants. I thought this was good, especially since spring is here and everything is starting to bloom!

Here are some gardening tips to keep your pets and {pugs} out of your plants.

1. Choose plants that aren't toxic to your pet: Ferns, members of the ficus family, and spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) make safer indoor plants than do philodendron, dumbcane, or any of the ivies. For a more complete list of poisonous plants, visit The Humane Society website.

2. Give your pet something else to gnaw on: Have plenty of chew toys around for your pup, and provide your cat with a pot of kitty grass.

3. Put your indoor plants out of reach: For dogs, you can usually just put them on a high surface. With cats it's a little trickier, but hanging baskets usually work. You can also try a terrarium.

4.Keep your pets well exercised: After a good romp in the park or an afternoon of stalking the felt mouse, most dogs and cats are ready to sleep, not cause mischief.

5. Cover the soil in your pots with pebbles: the bigger and more jagged the better. Cats hate the bumpiness under paw.

6. To keep dogs from digging in garden beds: plant something spiky around the edge—an agave, a yucca, a pyracantha.

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Lydia & Pugs

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