Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is here!

I posted some new designs on Lydia & Pugs. Check out these colorful prints and patterns!
Just in time for spring! These colors are just perfect.
xo {Pugs & Kisses} xo,
Lydia & Pugs


  1. Hello Lydia! Nice to meet you...if you love pugs I know you are a nice person! lol...
    You make beautiful things. I´ll be back soon to check out your stuff.

  2. Hi CG!! My name is actually Dawn. And Blog/Etsy shop is named after my very first pug named Lydia. She passed away last year, I Knew naming something after would be a great way to honor and remember her. So welcome to my Pug/dog Stationery Shop! :) I hope you get a chance to look at my items and enjoy!


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