Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Dog Treats

Wednesday is now being dedicated to "Wednesday Dog Treats" {Dog & Pug Style}. It will be official the dog-lovers guide to all dog goodies pretty and cute for your pooch.

I will also occasionally throw in some human related items as well, we can't forgot ourselves!

For a closer look click on the collage.

{1} This leash is as sophisticated as my favorite belt, but now you can use it on your dogs. The Leather leash runs for $48. And you can find it at Colehaan.

{2} Looks like a regular bag I'd carry. Rattan and leather "Fiona"$180 at Kwigy-bo for stores.

{3} This graphic pattern recalls fabric on chairs in Florence's Bargello Palace."Barkgello" collar $32 at Elladish.

{4} This absolutely adorable dog gift wrap!, very preppy, cute and even versatile, is from Whimsy Press. The wrap comes in Fetching Spaniel, Mutt Wagger, Golden Giver and Wiener Dog. There was so sign of a Pug wrap...yet! I'll have to put in a request. The best part is, the wrapping paper is reversible. And the wrap is $4.50 per sheet.

xo {Pugs & Kisses} xo,

Lydia & Pugs


  1. Those are some great items. The collar is so cute. Mom would never be able to carry me in that bag, though, I would wiggle way too much.


  2. Hi Dawn! I am so glad you stopped by the bloggy! Your little puggy gal was such a doll. I lost Winnie Wiggles in 2008, and she had the same blue dress your little one is wearing in her picture. I have added your logo to my puggy blog page and will be following so stay in touch!!!
    love and many pug hugs from Dallas!


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