Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Dog Treats

{For a closer look click on the collage.}

{1} Gold Ribbon and silver color bijou necklace. This is great for you very pampered puggy, or good for a very formal occasion! Visit The Ritzy Rover.

{2} "Starbarks" I thought this was the cutest things I had seen for a dog lately! This handcrafted doghouse is made by, or visit their blog. You can really tell that the designer put a lot of thought into it. Now your pooch can go to his/her own coffee shop!

{3} Bone Shaped Waste Pick Up Bag Holder. This handy device attaches to a belt or collar. You can look cool and pick-up in style ;) And it's not too expensive either, $4.99, and comes in different colors. Visit:

{4}Lucky Fiona is a shop on Etsy. They sell retro inspired custom dog and cat collars. I love all their colors and patterns. So fun to dress up your pug! I know Hera would look goregous in one. Visit their blog:, where they often offer discounts.


xo {Pugs & Kisses} xo,

Dawn from Lydia & Pugs

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