Monday, June 22, 2009

New Dog Breeds from L & P

Some new and exciting changes are happening at Lydia & Pugs!

After many people asking me if I carry any other dog breeds, and after many times saying that I did not. I realized I needed to branch out and create some stationery with other dogs, besides pugs.

Now, don't get me wrong the pug will always be #1, (sorry to those who don't have a pug, you wouldn't understand, just kidding!). But I feel there was a need to make other dog breeds on stationery to fill my customers voids. :)

I have always loved drawing and creating things with my hands, I guess you can call it a gift. And by far my favorite way to express my creative bug, is through sketching and using watercolor as a medium.

So without further ado...I am introducing some NEW friends to Lydia & Pugs:

20 Dog Breeds
(including a black pug and a fawn pug)

There are many new designs that come with the new breeds, they include:

Personalized Flat Note Cards

Personalized Flat Note Cards with Ribbon

Personalized "Dress Your Pooch" Flat Note Cards

I will also be featuring more new designs this week. I've been working really hard on this and I hope you all enjoy! There will also be a Give-Away this week as well! So of course stay tuned...

Happy Monday!

xo {Pugs & Kisses} xo,


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  1. Love the little jacket/scarves on the dogs, cute!


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