Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monogram Swap Re-Cap & Hera the Pug

I received my Monogram Swap item from my partner, Black Labs And Lilly. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect gift. A small Boat & Tote bag from llbean in Aqua! It even has a zip top! I already have a few large llbean totes, but not yet a small, perfect for my growing tote bag collection.

Thanks Maggie from Black Labs And Lilly!

Here's some pictures of Hera. This is what she does at night. She has to have her binky toy, which is like a combination of an octopus and a bear, I guess. It came with her when we adopted her and she loves this thing, she puts it in her mouth like a pacifier at night and then falls asleep. It's actually really cute :)

Pugs & kisses,



  1. OH MY. I love the bag. Why didn't I think of that to tell my partner or give to her!?

    Hera is the most precious pup in the world.

  2. hi dawn!
    oh my gosh! hera is the cutest puggy ever! please give her a big hug from me!

  3. LOVE the tote's color combo!

  4. The bag is delightful and your dog, Delicious!! Thanks, Dawn.


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