Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Dog Treats

1) Lilly Pulitzer. Simply adorable Lilly dog collar and leash. Complete with fresh and bright colors, just my style! And I love the bone buckle on the collar too.

2) Calling All Dogs. Summery hibiscus pet tote for your small pooch, you can take just about anywhere!

3) A Pet's World. Larry the lobster doggy toy. Since lobsters and all things under-the-sea are popular now, I thought I'd add this cute dog toy.

4) Calling All Dogs. I don't typically feature the same company twice. But I absolutely love these Preppy Crocodile Polo Tees for you pup!

As always like to feature new and exciting dog finds for my "Wednesday Dog Treats" post. If you have ideas or suggestions, or you would like to have any of your dog items featured here. Just drop me a line and let me know. Your item could be featured in next Wednesday's Edition!

xo {Pugs & Kisses} xo,



  1. Charley would Love The Lobster toy, thanks, Lydia.

  2. I meant to say, Thanks Dawn, Gosh, I need more coffee.
    I tried to vote for your amazing coach design but the link won't work. Same thing w/your email notification. Technology can really tank sometimes.

  3. what a great post!
    thank you for sharing all of your great finds!


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