Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lydia & Pugs Ponytail Holders

I am so excited about this new product being offered at Lydia & Pugs! I simply love these little ponytail holders! I wish they were around when I was a kid.

Each set comes with two ponytail holders made with 3/4" fabric covered buttons. You have the choice of either a colored pug silhouette, or a "Dress Your Pooch" silhouette. Both are attached to small brown Goody Ouchless elastic bands.

Also, all Ponytail holders come on a simple hand-cut Lydia & Pugs card for easy gift giving.

Have a happy Thursday!

Pugs & kisses,



  1. Dawn... your stuff is great, and all of the expansion of new products is awesome!!!!
    I got my snail mail yesterday and I give you a thumbs up on the mailing list idea !! AWESOME!!

  2. hi dawn!

    these are fabulous! i love them and your presentation is beautiful!

    great work!


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