Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Frog Prince Custom Design

Marsha's Custom Stationery Marsha's matching Round Address Labels

I thought I'd share with you another custom stationery order that was just adorable. Jane wanted give her mother a special personalized gift, and what better way that with some coordinating stationery!

Jane's wanted a fashion silhouette of her mother Marsha, wearing a long black shirt dress and large black hat. She told me her favorite colors were orchid and yellow shades. So I illustrated her mother wearing a long flowing black dress with coordinating orchid purple satin heels and satin orchid bow around her waist. Of course the note cards wouldn't be complete with her favorite pup, Montana the Puggle, with his own monogrammed water bowl! The little frog with the crown next to Montana symbolizes Marsha husband, who she calls the 'frog prince.' What a cute idea!!

Marsha's set also came with a set of matching round address labels with Montana the puggle! What an adorable gift!

Pugs & Kisses,



  1. My mom "accidently" opened her Christmas gift early and then came on your blog...she said she is still crying and that its the best gift she has ever gotten! Thank you for helping me give my mom a huge hug from miles away!

  2. Oh how adorable! I will put this on my blog! You are so talented. I love how unique your products are.


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