Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Etiquette

Give Giving Dilemma

My niece is getting married soon. I hosted a wedding shower for her and bought her a nice gift. Am I also supposed to buy her a wedding gift? I will not be attending her wedding. A friend of mine tells me that you always buy a wedding gift in addition to a shower gift.

A: Yes, a shower and a wedding are two separate events. Since you hosted the shower, you were not obligated to give her a gift. Hosting the shower would be considered a gift in itself. However, an invitation to wedding requires a gift whether or not you attend.

Clothing Shop

Q: I own a women’s clothing store that carries clothing for women of all ages. How should I refer to the older women who shop with us? They don’t like to be referred to as “mature,” and calling them “older” seems even worse.

A: I would say that generally, women are turned off by characterizations such as “mature” or “older.” Best advice: Stay away from adjectives that refer to the person, and focus instead on adjectives that describe the clothes: casual, business, classic, cocktail, formal evening. Once in your store, shoppers will naturally gravitate to the clothes that appeal to them.

via Emily Post.

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  1. Killer advice! I totally agree with the describing the clothing rather than generalizing the customers!

  2. I love reading these! I have a 1956 ed. Emily Post and I love it. ;)

  3. Oh Emily Post, how I love thee! Such great advice!



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