Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Etiquette Wedding Wednesday

Q: My husband’s cousin is getting remarried, but unfortunately, my husband can’t make the wedding. Am I still obligated to go?

A: Obligated? No. It’s OK for you to go on your own, but if you’d rather not attend by yourself, that’s fine too. If you do choose to decline, send your regrets to the bride and groom right away so they can invite other people if they wish to do so. And although gifts aren’t a must for second weddings (they are for first ones), you may want to give one in this case, to express your happiness for the couple.

Q: I’m getting remarried, and though my fiance and I would like a large wedding, my mother thinks it’s in poor taste because I had a huge bash the first time. Can’t a big second wedding be tasteful?

A: At one time, brides felt pressured to keep the second time around a small, low-key occasion, but today you can get remarried in style without lifting an eyebrow. However, you should bear some things in mind. If your parents paid for your first wedding (and even if they didn’t), you shouldn’t expect them to finance this gala. You and your fiance could foot the bill, with his parents pitching in if they wish to. Also, avoid trying to “outdo” your first trip down the aisle. For example, your gown should be less “bridey” this time (though you can certainly wear lily-white).

via Emily Post.

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