Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Etiquette Wedding Wednesday

Q: As the groom’s parents, we think we have the right to know how much the bride’s folks are paying for the reception. We’d like to invite more of our friends than they’re allowing us, and we suspect the money is going to fancy flower arrangements instead. Can’t we have our say?

A: Sure, but not in the adversarial way it sounds as if you’d like to. It’s simply none of your business how much the bride’s family is spending or on what. If you’d like to have your input, proceed in a conciliatory way. Speak to your son and future daughter-in-law first to see whether more guests could be accommodated. If so, the way to add more guests is to offer to help pay: “We’d really like to share the excitement with a few more friends. We know weddings are expensive, so please let us contribute to the cost of the wedding.”

via Emily Post.

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  1. Speaking from a 'bride's' perspective, I think if my in laws offered to pay money towards extra guests then that would be fine.

    My fiance and I are paying for our entire wedding on our own so if our parents want to invite those we weren't planning to invite, then they're paying for them to attend, as well as the extra cost it would be for their chair cover, an estimated number of drinks, etc. It all adds up! :)


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