Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Celebrities and their Pugs

Celebrities with Pugs! Who would have thought George Clooney was a pug guy!? Also, pictured is Jessica Alba with two pugs. I know that is an old picture, but those dogs are very photogenic.

I knew Tori Spelling was pug lady, because her pug, Mimi la Rue died last year. I admit it, I was watching her television show, specifically the episode when Tori was mourning her sweet pug of 11 years. It so sentimental to see how important her dog was to her.

I thought it was interesting to see which famous people out there own pugs, just like us. There is also a whole website dedicated to pugs with their celebrity owners. It's really quite interesting if you get a free moment.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Don't forget about my Give Away!

xo (Pugs & Kisses) xo,



  1. Dawn, I loved that about Tori, too, but I missed the episode where Mimi died. I heard she had passed on. It was so cool that Tori named her bed and breakfast after Mimi, who rode in the carriage with the baby.
    sending you many pughugs....

  2. It was really great what Tori did to remember her dog. She even had a gathering and invited all her friends, and showed a short video of all the happy times with her dog. It was sad, but very sweet.

  3. I never would have pegged George Clooney as a pug lover. WoW!


  4. I just got my first pug ever. His name is Bentley, we got him from the Humane Society. I don't know who could possibly pass up a face as sweet as my new baby's???? But I'm now owned by my lil pug.


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