Friday, July 24, 2009

Dress Up Your Dog

A friend of a friend of mine, Michele, has asked if I had made dog outfit's before. And as a matter of fact I had... My mom and I created many beautiful dress designs for Lydia when she was still alive.

One in particular is my favorite, her "Pug Sock Hop" dress

Complete with a pink poodle on her pink felt skirt! Every dog should have one of these! And she even had a rhinestone belt loop! I really loved it! We have since not had the courage to put it on Hera yet. We feel it's really Lydia's dress. And she wore it so beautifully too!

Back to the story, so Michele wanted a dog dress for her Jack Russell from our former college alumni: University of Central Florida. Go Knights! I am so excited and thrilled to design a cheerleader type dog dress. I know it will be super cute when I am done with it.

Here is a sketch of the UCF dog dress:

Here is a photo of Michele's mini Jack Russell, named Ariel:

I can't wait to get started on this project! I will post photos after completion. What a great way to show your school spirit!

Have a fabulous weekend!

xo {Pugs & Kisses} xo,



  1. Too cute--I'm sure that some of the folks that come to games with their babies in full regalia either have or want such for their fur babies!!

  2. Adorable, can't wait to see the finished product!!


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