Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Etiquette Wednesday: Graduation Gifts

Q: I am a senior graduating from high school and have been invited to a few graduation parties for friends. Should I bring gifts? Or is this not necessary since I am also a graduate? I am afraid that these graduation parties could get expensive. Should I just not go?

A: Congratulations on your graduation. Generally it is expected that you bring a gift when you go to a graduation party. It’s likely these are your closer friends from high school and you may be exchanging gifts anyway. If that’s the case, just bring the gift to the party. Clearly this could get expensive, so think about gifts that might not cost too much. Print out and frame a photo taken during your senior year. Wrap it up and attach a fun graduation card and you’re set. If you’re artistic or poetic, give some of your work as a gift. It really is the thought not the amount you spend that counts! And your friends will remember that forever.

via Emily Post.

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