Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Etiquette Wednesday: Texting

Q: What is the proper cell phone etiquette when eating dinner? My husband sends or receives text messages when we are having meals at home. This bothers me, because I feel that dinner is a time that we should spend together without outside distractions.

A: The proper etiquette is to refrain from using cell phones at all while at the dinner table. You would probably never use a landline phone while at the table, and it’s no different with a cell phone. Perhaps you could point that out to your husband while asking him to leave his cell phone off during dinner.

Certainly you should let him know that you feel slighted when his attention is otherwise at the table. Hopefully he will change his ways out of respect and consideration for you.

Source: Emily Post

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  1. I love this piece of advice, and wish more people would adhere to it.


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