Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lydia & Pugs on DogTipper!

Lydia & Pugs is in Dogtipper!

I am so excited to say that DogTipper wrote a little blurb about Lydia & Pugs participation the celebrity HollyWoof Gift Bags! Check out the article here!
Also, our new Lydia & Pugs website is live! And be sure to use the 20% off coupon on the homepage.

Speaking of celebs, under the "Giving Back" section on our website features our Paparazzi Note Cards. The Giving Back section gives a portion of it's proceeds to charitable organizations. These note cards were given to the HollyWoof celebs and their 4-legged friends, and a portion of the proceeds from this card will benefit The American Society for Cruelty to Animals (ASCPA).

Pugs & Kisses,
Dawn & Hera

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