Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oprah Winfrey Stationery


Oprah received some delightful and very personalized stationery from Lydia & Pugs from her HollyWoof gift bag last month. Although I haven't got the chance to work with Oprah, I've grown up watching her show and I had a pretty good idea she would just love her customized illustrations, especially since her babies are included. She is an American icon, humanitarian, and she has a huge heart for all animals.

Oprah recently adopted 2 Springer Spaniels for her birthday this year. The black and white pups at the top of the picture, their names are Sunny & Lauren and they are just too cute for words! In the purple stationery set, Oprah is dressed in her 10th Anniversary glamorous dress from her O Magazine celebration and lined up around her are her pups, and matching Sunny & Lauren envelope liner. The second set of stationery is of Oprah's favorite Oak tree from her California home, and all her dogs are sitting underneath it. The envelope liner has a smaller version of the Oak tree.

I really hope Oprah enjoys her customized sets of stationery! Who knows maybe I'll get one of my note cards in the mail from her!

Pugs & Kisses,



  1. What a terrific idea, Dawn! Your notecards came out BEAUTIFULLY!! Oprah is going to no doubt LOVE THEM!! :) xoxoxox Thinking of you!

  2. Those are just beautiful! Oprah is a lucky lady!

  3. How fun! That is so sweet of you! I know she'll love them!

  4. Amazing! These are by far my favorite of the bunch! I HOPE Oprah features them on her favorite things show--I think they are more then worthy!

  5. How fun! I'm sure that Oprah will love her notecards.


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