Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Etiquette

Here's a few helpful tid-bits that might get you through the holidays, or at least the Thanksgiving holiday. I found this helpful advice from an old friend, Emily Post.

What if you don't want to give up your ingredients?

Q: I have a collection of great special-occasion recipes, and people are always asking me to share them. Is there a nice way to say no?

A: It might help your frame of mind to think of each request as a compliment. If there’s a recipe you truly don’t want to reveal, just say warmly, “I”m very flattered you like it. However, it’s been kept in the family so long that I’ve promised myself not to divulge it. I’m sure you understand.” You could then offer to give her a recipe that you like but don’t feel protective about.

Table Conversation

The art of dining includes several things: the table setting which brings order and beauty, the menu which delights the taste buds, and the conversation that brightens the day! The following tips will help your children learn the art of table conversation.

  • Talk to people on both sides of you and across the table.
  • Volume: Not too loud; not too soft.
  • Don’t talk with your mouth full! (If it’s a problem, try putting a mirror in front of your child during a meal, so she can see how it looks.)
  • The art of small talk: Suggest topics like the weather, sports, local events, school and then practice. Avoid questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” Instead use who, what, where, when, and how. Here are some practice questions. Help your kids make up their own:
    1. “What did you think of the ball game last night?”
    2. “What was the sledding like after that snow storm?”
    3. “I heard you won the state spelling bee last week! That is so cool…What comes next?”
    4. “Mom says you went to Spain last summer. Can you tell me about it?”
  • Avoid talking about personal family issues.

Practice at each meal this week. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something about your children you didn’t know. And, better yet, maybe they’ll learn something about you!

via Emily Post

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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  1. a nice and helpful post! thanks, and happyt thanksgiving! xo kitty


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