Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Etiquette Wednesday

Q: Would it be appropriate to ask my mother (my best friend who has been through everything with me, including an awful divorce) to be my matron of honor? I cannot think of anyone else I would rather have by my side.

A: Sure, it’s perfectly appropriate to have your mom as your matron of honor. Talk it over with her, though, since she may feel she has a lot responsibilities as mother-of-the-bride that would make it hard for her to be a 100% attentive matron of honor. If she decides both “jobs” are just too much to juggle, you will both know, nonetheless, that she will be by your side in spirit, with great love for you, feeling very honored by your suggestion.

Q:I mistakenly sent an e-mail to my boss complaining about how he handled a project. It got very awkward . What should I have done?

A:Owned up immediately. In person. Before the boss came to you. Your opening lines: “I can’t believe what an idiot I am. I’m sorry.” Since your comments were more about frustration than about gossip, you could have used this as a chance to discuss the problem. If it was gossip, you’d need to apologize profusely and get the word out to everyone that received it that you, and not the target, are the idiot. Follow this simple rule: If you can’t post your message on the bulletin board, don’t e-mail it.

via Emily Post.

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  1. I love this post so much! Sometimes these situations could be awkward but the advice you've noted is perfect.

    I just realized that I have been following you on twitter and not your blog! How in the world did I let that happen??! :-)

    Thanks for the RT! Let's run off to Paris, I'm ready to go back!!! XOXOXOX Have a fabulous Wednesday!

  2. Love the cupcakes in the pic! So pretty and such great advice! I love your work...Glad I stumbled on your blog! I love your style!


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