Monday, July 12, 2010

Custom Stationery Set: Motorcycles & Manolos

Shelley the owner of a Jack Russell Terrier, Hayden, and wanted something personalized with him and her husband. She requested a design that would not only be perfect for her personal items, but also for her business as well.

So the custom design process began! I came up with a custom illustration of her silhouette, her husbands silhouette, and her pup. However, she also wanted to incorporate one important detail to the design...her husband's pride and joy, his motorcycle! I had no problem illustrating his favorite item, in fact it looked just perfect in a art print to frame in her home. Shelley also loved the design so much, she ordered a canvas tote bag with her name embroidered, and a set of personal address labels.

Shelley has her own business, projectPosh, so I designed her some business cards with just herself and Hayden, professional yet chic.

This project made the design process fun and sketched beyond my design limits, I never knew a motorcycle could look so cute on a tote bag!

Pugs & Kisses,


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