Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Favorites: Around the Studio


I love taking photos with my iphone, here's a few pics of the week to share with you, starting from top to bottom.

1. Scottie Tank Top applique special delivery to Tennessee

2. Hot Doggie Summer Note cards featuring a Poodle and *new* breed the Clumber Spaniel

3. Aqua Bike Cruiser Print, some one requested just a 4x6 print with her dachshund

4. Hera the rescue pup in all her glory...or just the FL sun

5. Working on a pug illustration with a side tongue

6. I love this really made me think about the goals I want to achieve in life

Enjoy the long weekend! And Happy Memorial Day!

Pugs & Kisses,



  1. Yay! The Scottie tank made it on your blog! :)

  2. i have my iphone and i love taking pictures too with this hispanic effect... love the shots and your adorable/cute little dog.. :)


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